Campus Event Reaction

April 23, 2010

As the school year has progress, I have seen many events take place. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration was great tribute to his life. It showed how he risked his life just to see peace and prosperity come out to light. Even though he was an African American man trying to help out his race, he never looked only to devote his life to just blacks. He also helped out whoever thought racism was not the answer. Blake Mycoskie help inspire me to do more with my life than just go to class and come back to my dorm room. He made me see that life is short lived and I should go and explore new and interesting things. I should go and be spontaneous and not worry about the consequences that I may face. I think the events at Georgia Southern University is greatful to the people that attend this great university. It shows that they care about the way the students feel and also see some of the faculty members enjoy the events also. Events bring people together to show the similarities in one another. You find out what others take interest to or you can see the dislike in a certain topic. I like going to events because it gets my mind off of some stressful situations and helps me relax my nerves and enjoy what is being presented to me. I really do recommend that in the future you go to one of these events and take the time to actually listen to what it is presenting. You might actually learn something.


Digital Dirt

April 17, 2010

To the people that have to put unwanted information about others have no life. I think putting dirt about somebody is immature and disrespectful and it says a lot about the character of the person putting it up there. Putting information out there without the person’s knowledge of it is stupid. People use the internet as a way to give out information without it actually coming out of their mouths. People would feel more guilty if they had to say the same information in front of the actual person they was talking about. Me, I am old school. If I have something to say to you, I will confront you face to face. Also I would keep it real with you, all the way 100, I don’t make up stuff to make it seem worse than it really is. Another thing don’t make up lies about something that is not true. If the story is not good enough to tell in full detail, then don’t bring it up. Whether they admit it or not, people are hurt emotionally by negative dirt. It doesn’t make them feel wanted. I say what if you was in the person’s shoes that you was talking about? Ask yourself if you would like for somebody to post some bogus stuff about you. How would it make you feel? We need to think before we act. We rather act upon things before actually taking the time and address the situation accordingly. So next time you want to put dirt against somebody, think if it is really that serious because it may come back to haunt you!?!

One Week of Twitter

March 6, 2010

Twitter is a versatile program. You have to really be into the whole tweeting game to be interested. To me Twitter is not something I am feelin. I feel like Twitter is for people who have thoughts that come in they mind and must let others know about it through posts. Twitter has not excited me to continue on after this fye class. Maybe I might grow into it if i find out more about Twitter that I might find intriguing. I have a cousin in VA that has a Twitter account and he tells me that Twitter is for when you have info and you want others to know about. It is also a way to express your opinion about a particular topic or subject without actually saying it from person to person. In his termonology Twitter is straight up superistic swaggalicious. Please do not ask me where he got that from. Sometimes I sit and wonder bout him. These past two weeks of Twitter have made me realize though that i do not have anything important to say that is worth waistin my time coming to my laptop or pullin out my phone so i can bore somebody that is followin me. The best i can come up wit is watchin da game on tv wit da homies. Nothin to spectactular bout dat. For the ones dat have something to say keep doin wat you do. As for me I goin to keep it simple. If I need to get a point across to someone they will get it no worries bout dat.

Watz good peoples!?! Don’t really know wat I’m doin but got to do it.

January 21, 2010

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